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2B9 Evolution - Team Wendy EXFIL Operational Transformation

Protective headgear is one of the essential parts of equipment that an operator requires alongside body armour and a plate carrier or chest rig. The helmet, not only protecting the operators head from rounds, blasts, debris and other impacts also enables the operator wearing it to be able to attach a number of ancillaries, making it a perfectly adaptable piece of equipment. The Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon helmet was in SEAL Team Season 3 a new addition to the existing loadouts, bringing a new style to the team and viewers, whilst also opening more doors for additional kit to be attached and used by them. This blog has been written to bring together the numerous parts that when combined make the EXFIL so awesome and adaptable, as well as showcasing what the current helmet setup is that I run. As previously mentioned in other blogs, the unique ancillaries all have a part to play and all have an operational purpose in a multitude of scenarios and environments.

The Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon Helmet is the latest helmet to be utilised by Bravo team on a number of deployments. Like the operators, helmets must be able to adapt quickly to their environment and mission requirements. A night time insertion via helo into a hostile jungle, via boat into docklands or an HVT snatch in an urban market, means the helmet needs to have everything on it for the operator and mission to be a success. With a new EXFIL ready to go it really was a blank canvas on which to use numerous sources to fit together and build something unique.


Helmet - Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon

The Team Wendy EXFIL Carbon features heavily in SEAL Team Season 3 onwards and whilst it's technically a bump helmet (non-ballistic) it's sleek exterior, multi fixture points and adaptability make it a great base on which to build.

Available from the Reconbrothers website here.


Helmet Cover - Agilite - Team Wendy Helmet Cover

Whilst looking for a EXFIL helmet cover, I came across Agilite, an Israeli company that produces an amazing helmet cover ideally suited to the EXFIL, particularly by adding further mounting options and areas to attach kit.

Available from the Agilite website here.


Peltor Comtac 3

Communications are key and the use of the Peltor Comtac 3's enables radio comms to be heard clearly even in the midst of a firefight or noisy environment. Fitted to the EXFIL using the Peltor Quick Release adapter kit (PQR) they remain solidly in place and if required can break away serving to protect the operator form injuries.

The Comtac 3's are currently being reviewed, check back here soon for a link to the full review.

Available from the Peltor website here.


Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS

The Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS is a lightweight, rugged and multi purpose headtorch. Easily attached to the EXFIL it provides red, blue, white and IR light at the touch of a rubberized button. Powered by a single CR123 battery it's compact and fulfils its role with ease.

Available from the Princeton Tec website here.


S&S Precision V-Lite

The S&S Precision V-Lite markers were bought to add to the rear of the EXFIL to act as IFF (Identification friend or foe) markers. Completely waterproof and in a self contained unit, the V-Lites have a variety of modes and functions available.

Available from the S&S Precision website here.


S&S Precision Manta Strobe MS-0015

The S&S Precision Manta Strobe MS-0015 was purchased primarily to enable the identification of the operator using both IR, green and white light. A lightweight and simple piece of equipment that attaches neatly to the rear of the EXFIL.

Available from the S&S Precision website here.


Shroud - Wilcox W Shroud - Team Wendy

The Wilcox W shroud comes fitted to allow attachment of NVDs (Night Vision Devices). The shroud was specifically and exclusively designed for the Team Wendy EXFIL helmet range matching the contours and shape of the helmets. It is manufactured from aerospace grade metal and polymer.


NVD (Night Vision Device) mount - Wilcox L4G24 mount.

The Wilcox L4G24 is the go to NVD mount available. For use in conjunction with the L3Harris DTNVS, the mount features a breakaway section that ensures that the mount will detach from the helmet if caught in ropes etc.

Available from the Wilcox Industries website here.


L3Harris Unfilmed White Phosphorus DTNVS

The L3H DTNVS provides the operator with near clear crystal low light / night time visibility. Powered by a CR123 battery lasting multiple hours and weighing in at 490 grams, this is an expensive yet game changing piece of tactical equipment.

The L3Harris DTNVS is currently being reviewed, check back here soon for a link to the full review!

Available from Tactical Waffles.


JerryC CE2 COTI & Defender

In addition to a requirement to see at night using the L3H DTNVS, the CE2 offers the operators a thermal overlay to the battle environment providing three different modes of visibility for targets. Running on an 18650 battery pack this enhances the operators fighting ability in near any environment.

The JerryC CE2 is currently being reviewed, check back here soon for a link to the full review!


NVD Battery pack (1) - L3Harris Battery Power Supply (replica)

The NVD battery pack used is a 1:1 replica of the L3Harris PVS31-A battery pack. The interior is accessed by unscrewing the top middle cap and can be used for storage or filled with material to act as an NVD counterweight. 3" width loop velcro has been attached horizontally to enable it to be a further attachment point for miniature IFF markers etc.

Available on a variety of marketplaces.

NVD Battery pack (2) - JerryC CE2 COTI Battery pack

If using the JerryC CE2, the battery pack is required to operate. Being lightweight and sturdy it's located on the rear of the helmet and can be attached standalone or using a rear pack / counterweight pouch.


Helmet Camera - MOHOC Tactical Head Camera

The MOHOC is a ruggedized tactical helmet camera designed to mounted directly onto the EXFIL and has the option to be able to rotate the lens to the correct filming angle. Good battery life and ease of use made this a great addition to the EXFIL.

Available from the MOHOC website here.


Virtus NVG Retention Bungee

The retention bungee provides another two connection point for the DTNVS to ensure that it remains attached to the helmet and is kept from wobbling around. Featuring hook velcro on the rear to fit to the rear of a helmet cover, the front also has loop velcro enabling battery pack, counterweight pouch or patches to be attached.

Available on a variety of marketplaces.


Thoughts and opinion

A helmet is an investment, potentially an expensive one, but a wise one. It can be used standalone or combined with additional tactical accessories making the operator adaptable and likely increasing survivability. Depending on the mission requirements, a helmet is not always necessary, though the use of one may be advisable. Everything in this setup bar the NVD battery pack (1) is genuine real steel equipment, therefore that means that a higher price was paid but it brings with it reliability and safety in the knowledge that if there was ever an issue, warranties would cover it. Every single item on the EXFIL is used and has its place but is not necessarily taken out for every range day. A helmet with ancillaries loaded on it can become added weight, however taking time to test and re-test helmet setups prior to any deployment or training to ensure that it a) meets mission requirements and b) is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time is certainly advisable. Keeping with adaptability, ensure the helmet that you use and the accessories you have for it are useful to your role or mission requirements, streamline it as much as possible without disadvantaging yourself.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.

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