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Review - Agilite Team Wendy Carbon Helmet Cover

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

History of Agilite

Agilite is a premium Israeli manufacturer of tactical gear, tested and used by both Military and Law Enforcement units across the globe . Agilite prides itself on being adaptable, innovative and knowing the requirements of the tactical market. The equipment is manufactured in Israel using high grade materials to ensure the user receives a premium item that's durable, affordable, reliable and fulfils the mission, whatever the requirement. Based on real world feedback from across the globe this company is making strides through the products they manufacture.

For more info - visit Agilite website.


Why Agilite?

Having spent time reviewing and deciding between obtaining an Ops-Core Maritime helmet or a Team Wendy Carbon, I decided on the TW Carbon - you can read my TeamWendy Carbon in-depth review blog here. One of the recommendations was to purchase a helmet cover to prolong the life of the helmet, aid in preventing any scratches to the exterior and generally to look different from the standard Coyote Brown colour of the helmet. I looked at the TW covers and whilst they looked good, I was put off by the velcro cable straps on the side and front of the cover. Yes it may have been functional, but it was too busy in my opinion. Diving into a bit of research to find alternative suppliers, the market was fairly empty. There were a number of cheap reproduction versions were available but my advice is to steer clear of them. The only other TW Carbon helmet covers manufacturer / seller that I could find was Agilite. Poring over the covers and looking at the owner submitted images of the covers 'downrange' I compared the TW and the Agilite version. In addition to the reviews and photos, Agilite also created a TW Helmet Cover promotional video. As the review title likely gave away, I purchased the Agilite version and settled in for the delivery.

Team Wendy cover (left), Agilite cover (right)

So why did I purchase a cover? The Team Wendy helmets are used in several episodes of SEAL Team and helmet covers do feature, as the team adapts to their operational environment. The covers seen appear to be variants of the Team Wendy helmet covers available on the market, that have been modified by the prop department appearing in both Multicam and Black.


Product details

Herein lies the product description from the website;

• Fits all Team Wendy Bump Helmets Including:

- Team Wendy Exfil Carbon

- Team Wendy Exfil LTP Helmet

• Agilite accurate fit

• Next generation lower profile central bungee retention for IR Strobes, cameras etc.

• Integrated cable management channels

• Full spectrum, rock-solid accessories platform

• Easy installation-can be fitted to helmet in seconds

• Weight: 5oz (143g)

• 1000D Tactical Nylon

• Flat Polyester Mesh 380g/m2

• Laser-engraved polymer bungee channels

• Rear loops for AA and CR123 NVG Batteries

• Made in Israel

Of note is that the cover is available in both Size 1 (M/L) and Size 2 (L/XL) matching the TW helmet sizes.


Packaging exterior

The helmet cover is shipped in a simple resealable plastic bag on the front of which is a large version of the Agilite logo, website and the item description;






Parts included

Included with the helmet cover is a pack of 6 velcro dots for use if required.


Helmet cover in detail

The helmet cover I purchased was in Ranger Green. No matter what product you buy across the globe, greens vary! One mans Ranger Green is another's OD or Foliage Green. The colour used on this cover was a good mid range dark green that matched perfectly with AOR2.

The front of the section houses the cut out for the NVG shroud, material here is doubled over, secure and tidy with no loose ends to catch or snag on the shroud. In addition to this the very front 'lip' of the cover is slightly elasticated and is designed to cover the lip of the TW helmet protecting it from damage.

The left and right hand sides of the cover are made from 1000D Tactical Nylon providing sturdiness and some rigidity to the cover whilst further adding a protective layer to the helmet underneath. On each side are two large velcro panels, both are slightly a larger size than the velcro provided on the Team Wendy Carbon / LTP so you don't lose any real estate if fitting the cover.

The central section from front to top of the cover is made from Flat Polyester Mesh (380g/m2). The mesh allows airflow on the LTP and Carbon helmets without restricting or covering the vents on the helmet. On the top section is a mohawk style velcro patch for accessories such as strobes, cameras etc. This section is further strengthened by the fact that Agilite have included bungee cord and milspec polymer bungee retainers (laser engraved with the Agilite logo) which can be looped over expensive kit that is strapped to the top of the helmet. These bungees can be tightened at the rear using the pull cord. This was one of the positive features that separated the Agilite and TW covers and is clearly an advantage to have.

At the rear of the cover is a large V shaped velcro panel again ensuring that no space is lost if fitting the cover. This actually provides a slightly larger area for accessories than the standard TW fitted velcro. As seen in the last picture below there is a horizontal slot that enables users to still fix and use the TW rear shock cord, providing again another fixing point and securing strap to NVD pouches or counterweights.

On each side of the cover there are cable management loops inbuilt which allow the user to thread cables tightly against the helmet. Compared to the TW cover on which cables are designed to go around the helmet above the rails, the Agilite cover takes the cables partially up and over the top of the helmet. I see this as an attempt to reduce any snag risks when using comms.


Fitting the helmet cover

The above pictures show the cover fitted to the TW Carbon and whilst I have not yet seated it 100% perfectly, it provides a view of the cover and how tight fitting and sleek it appears. The elasticated lip at the front of the cover does come over the helmet lip protecting it. On both sides, the cover is tight to the rails with little space. The inside of the cover features 3 velcro panels which are attached to the velcro on the helmet. As seen in the last picture above, the horizontal slot has the TW shock cord fed through it and clipped onto the rear of the helmet through the cover rear loop.


Thoughts and opinion

Helmet covers are one of those items that may get purchased further down the line when purchasing any equipment. If you've paid decent money for a genuine manufactured bump or ballistic helmet, it probably pays to add a layer of protection to it to add service longevity, and ensure that kit bag drops or knocks on doorways don't leave a mark. In addition to this, the multitude of covers for the TW from both TW and Agilite ensure that most colour options are available to suit a users requirements. I'm certainly impressed with the quality of the Agilite cover, the stitching standards are high as is the attention to detail. It looks sleek, it has the functionality I need and the Ranger Green colour matches other Green based disruptive patterns I use. The thing I am grateful for is choice, not being restricted to one manufacturers cover but at least having the choice between two reputable manufacturers and a range of colours. I would certainly recommend purchasing a cover as soon as possible and with most kit and equipment it can always be modified and have additional velcro stitched on or new bungee cords used in different configurations. The choice is yours, but I'm recommend checking them out.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.

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