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Review - EOTECH Magnifier G33

In-depth review of the EOTECH Magnifier G33 including; details, photos, points to note and final thoughts.

Social Media Mogul

HAHO has gone from strength to strength and that's down to you, the readers and supporters. We've now branched out onto other social media.

Review - Max Case MAX380

In-depth review of the Max Case MAX380 including; details, photos, points to note, test results and final thoughts.

1B9 Evolution - 1st Line Gear

1B9 Jason Hayes - blog covering the journey to recreate a screen accurate copy of the 1st Line gear used by 1B9 (Jason Hayes) in SEAL Team.

Review - Surefire M300V

In-depth review of the Surefire M300V including; background, photos, points to note, fitting options and final thoughts.

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