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SEAL Team - Operational Loadouts - BLACKBURN

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Whenever Bravo team are deployed, behind the scenes there is a huge amount of; preparation, intelligence gathering, equipment sorting and manpower to support them. They may operate as a 6 man team, but take into account all of the staff based in the TOC (Tactical Operations Center), air crew, local intelligence agents etc, you're easily talking 30+ people at a minimum. One of those key underpinning figures is Lieutenant Commander Eric BLACKBURN who is the senior lead for Bravo team. He's present on nearly every mission co-ordinating the team and liaising with local and supporting forces and whilst tested by 1B9 Jason Hayes, he backs him and the team up as he knows he can rely on them. Whilst he does get screen time generally in every episode based in the TOC, there are also several times he's taken on an active role in support of Bravo on the ground.

This blog was written to illuminate the role of BLACKBURN and highlight some of the kit and equipment that he's used whilst deployed.



In BLACKBURNs role, he's generally seen within three operating areas;

TOC - role within the TOC is to; run operations, direct staff and ultimately co-ordinate and tie together the various elements required on each mission to ensure operational success.

Active - has taken on active duty as a trained Tier 1 operator in support of Bravo when deployed in Afghanistan, Mexico and Venezuela. His rank doesn't hinder him from deploying if necessary as first and foremost he is a trained SEAL.

Training - involved in the training and co-ordination of Bravo off the field. During the majority of training preparations undertaken by Bravo, BLACKBURN is there to provide support and feedback whilst pushing them to their limits to improve them.


Season 1

Episode 18 - Credible Threat

Urban environment - Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

In the 'Credible Threat' episode, Bravo team are deployed to Jalalabad to protect a number of politicians and DOD officials who were mistakenly identified as the primary targets of a hired sniper. Bravo utilise a mixture of vehicle and foot based sweeps and due to the officials and local forces involved, BLACKBURN deploys on foot alongside Bravo acting as an intermediary.

In keeping with Bravos standard deployment loadout and disruptive pattern, BLACKBURN utilises near identical kit to the rest of Bravo although of note as expected from his role, he has dual comms to allow direct communications between those in Bravo and a link directly back to HQ. Below is a breakdown of the equipment used;


Salomon LTR boots - Chocolate Brown

Bison Union Trucker Cap + Bison patch - Black & White

Bone conductor earpieces & mic - Black

1st Line Gear

Safariland 6378 holster - Multicam Gearskin wrap

2nd Line Gear

Velocity Systems Scarab LT - Desert Digital

Triple M4 magazine pouch built into LT

CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) - Black

2x U94v2 PTT (Team & HQ) - Black

VTAC Mk2 sling - Multicam

3rd Line Gear


Season 2

Episode 9 - Santa Muerte

Urban environment - Mexico.

Bravo are deployed to Mexico for a number of episodes where they integrate with the local Marinas forces to undertake missions in support of the anti-drug operations taking place. In the second to last episode of the Mexican storyline, Bravo are trapped within a church and whilst under siege, the remaining Marinas and BLACKBURN load up to take part in a rescue mission.

Bravos presence in Mexico is deniable, hence the team utilising the Marinas uniforms and equipment (save rifles and helmets). BLACKBURN when on mission again follows suit donning the local Marinas uniform.


Peltor Comtacs - Black

Fabric NVD battery / counterweight pouch - Black


1st Line Gear

2nd Line Gear

Thales PRC -152

U94v2 PTT - Black


Season 3

Episode 12 - Siege Protocol: Part 2

Urban environment - Caracas, Venezuela.

The Caracas storyline sees Bravo running low on ammunition, patience and intel when the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) is attacked and overrun. Pushed into a corner BLACKBURN, DAVID and ELLIS along with MACK form a defensive element and attempt to hold out whilst Bravo speed their way back.

This is one of my favourite BLACKBURN episodes where he showcases his training and ability to fight, using his cunning ideas to lure in, slow down and then dispatch the attackers all whilst rocking a civilian based low profile loadout.


Baseball cap - Black

Civilian clothing

Salomon LTR boots - Chocolate Brown

2nd Line Gear


Bungee single point sling - Black


Thoughts and opinion

BLACKBURN is an important secondary character in SEAL team. Whilst not kicking doors down and taking out hostiles every week, he is there in the background orchestrating everything and ensuring that Bravo have what they need when they need it.

Whilst the variety of kit for BLACKBURN is minimal, the 3 missions he's been involved with so far do offer 3 excellent opportunities to follow suit. For those wanting to recreate the loadouts, there are a number of pieces of equipment required and each loadout is distinctly individual ie; low profile vs overt.

In future blogs, I'll also be looking at some of the other secondary characters who've worked alongside Bravo and expand on the kit and equipment that they've used, again highlighting other loadouts that you can aim to replicate.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.

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