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5B9 Evolution - Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M

History of Law Tactical

Law Tactical was founded in 2010 and comprises of experience ranging from United States Secret Service Counter Sniper Team, Domestic and International Executive Protection, Competition Shooting and Research and Development. Law Tactical specialises in accessories for the AR-15, M-16 and AK-47. Products are high quality, uniquely designed and are used across the military, Law Enforcement Agency and civilian markets.

For more info - visit the Law Tactical page.


Why Law Tactical?

SEAL Team brings to the forefront a number of standard issue equipment from the US military to its troops as well as highlighting the unique ability of those within SEAL Team to customise their own gear, making it fit for purpose, fit for the operators requirements and gives each operator near unlimited configuration options as well as opening up the ability to use kit and equipment from a range of manufacturers. Whilst watching Season 3 episode 18 'In the blind', a few images of 5B9 Brock REYNOLDS stood out to me where his rifle and notably the stock didn't look quite right. I was intrigued and immediately started looking through the hundreds of HD images relating to that episode, looking for a clearer picture...

Using the first photo for reference and with it being of a decent quality, I zoomed in and cropped the image. No distinct markings were seen however the unique shape and position of it, obviously identified it as a folding stock adapter. With a fairly decent image I then queried Google to identify any folding stock adapters previously and currently on the market. That's when I came across the Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M.

The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter (LTFSA3M) was briefly seen, blink and you'd likely to have missed it. This item was not a gucci attachment with little operational use / requirement, it actually serves a lot of purpose and is perfectly linked to Brock and his role as a K9 handler. Again as mentioned, this unique item appealed to me and so I dug a bit further and have yet to find any mention of the LTFSA on any SEAL Team related blogs or pages elsewhere.

I found several low quality images that I used for this blog as references which again further verified that the LTFSA3M was the make and model used by Brock.


Product details

Herein lies the product description from the site;

The first and only folding stock adapter compatible with AR platform rifles. The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter works with direct impingement or gas piston systems and fits A2, carbine, mil-spec or commercial buffer tube and stocks. It can be used with standard bolt carrier groups including: full auto, semi auto, 5.56 to .308. Designed, built and assembled in the USA from CNC machined, 4140 steel.

The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter was designed for low profile transport of AR rifles in non-permissive environments. The adapter is ideal for any situation that requires a smaller profile weapon for transport and storage. Simple one-button release folds the stock. To engage, just unfold and fire. The stock automatically locks into place, requiring no fine motor skills.

The adapter does not affect gun function when unfolded in the standard fire position. The rear portion of the adapter is built to the same specifications as a standard receiver to ensure maximum compatibility. An integrated single point sling attachment point is included.


Housing Weight: 8.5 oz

Bolt Carrier Extension: 2 oz

Adds 1.3 inches to length of pull

CNC Machined 4140 Steel Features

Low hinge reduces interference when charging weapon

Retaining Pin uses standard, mil-spec buffer retaining pin DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish

Adjustable hinge tension 4140 Hardened Steel Low-profile housing, locking lug and latch Set Screw - Prevents adapter loosening from receiver Quick Detach - Sling attachment point

Toeless Bolt Carrier Extension - Install and remove without tools for easy maintenance

Replaceable O-rings - Prevent additional damage to the adapter in the folded position

Symmetrical Design - Eliminates interference with buffer retaining pin

*Installation Tool, Bolt Carrier Extension and Flange included.


LTFSA3M in detail

The below images sourced from the LTFSA3M page clearly show the product from most angles which again were used for cross referencing with photos from the show.

The LTFSA PDF data sheet highlighting key features can be found here. Below is a snapshot image of the PDF.

The LTFSA PDF installation instructions can be found here. Below is a snapshot image of the PDF.


Show & Product Comparison

The LTFSA3M as split into two sections (Hinge Assembly 'Receiver' (left hand part in second image) and Hinge Assembly 'Stock' (right hand part in second image)) are not of equal size (ie width). The first image shows the highlighted section of the FSA in the show and it can be seen to have a rim on the left and right hand side of the Hinge Assembly 'Stock' part. These rims have been highlighted in the second image below. When the FSA is closed and sealed there is no gap or size difference. When viewing a photo obtained from the show, cropping it and zooming it, the section circled in red was the biggest clue verifying the FSA used was the LTFSA3M. Looking at the red section, the rim / wings around the edge can clearly be seen (something not included in the Gen 2 model). The third image further shows how the two Hinge Assembly sections look when being opened / closed.

The rifle used by Brock (based upon his being the only rifle seen fitted with a FSA) was seen in the 'Cages' whilst the team were being debriefed by BLACKBURN in Season 4 Episode 3. Laid on the central table left side up it gave a semi clear view of the hinge mechanism. When viewing the LTFSA3M the hinge mechanism appears to be identical (photo from show not perfect in quality). As seen in the second image the Hinge Assembly 'Receiver' and Hinge Assembly 'Stock' are near identical in size as per the first image of the hinge mechanism.

A final reference picture of Brock with the Knightco SR25 rifle shows it also fitted with the LTFSA3M. When zooming in on the first picture to the red circled area showed slightly larger in the second image, the underside of the FSA can be seen to have a block. This is further highlighted in the third image. This block serves as the quick detach sling attachment point.


Thoughts and opinion

The Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M is a small, unique but highly useful firearm modification ancillary, especially for those operating in and around vehicles, crowded spaces or as in Brock's case as a K9 handler where there is a requirement to be able to stow the rifle whilst dealing with Cerberus or a target on the ground. It's second use would be when rappelling from a helicopter where the rifles size can be reduced reducing potential snag points and enabling there to be more free space when dealing with the ropes and any attached K9 or equipment.

In simple terms it's 2 pieces of high grade metal pinned together with minimal additional parts with a large price tag, however it's operational benefits likely outweigh negatives for this item (ie inability to safely fire the weapon when folded without causing serious damage to the firearm or the operator).

As with all of my blogs, I write these to help those out there wanting to further their own knowledge, pursue a screen accurate reproduction of something seen or just expand peoples sight of some world class kit and equipment. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of identifying kit and learning more about it along the way and the LTFSA3M was a new item not previously encountered!


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.

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