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HAHO (High Aspirations High Octane) continues to grow and I am truly grateful to everyone who is behind me. This blog was born from an idea, with influence, a ton of support and a lot of hard work with long hours and nights writing.

Facebook is one platform that I've been using. You'll all be excited to know that I've now branched out and embraced Instagram, Twitter and Youtube (links in the pics below). With Instagram and Twitter, they're a new ballpark for me and whilst I'm uploading the back catalogue of blogs to get the word out, there will in the future be some special messages / blogs and 'interesting' things only available on one or a couple of the platforms.

As you've all kindly done for me so far, Like, Share, Follow, Tweet, Snap and do whatever else it is that the kids do these days. It's down to you that the blog is reaching far places including; Japan, Australia, United States, Europe, Eastern Europe and a whole host of other countries in between! I am truly humbled and grateful for your support.

At the end of the day I love what I do, and the feedback has been amazing from so many people. I do feel especially honoured that S&S Precision chose to promote my blog 'S&S Precision Gear Retention Track & Holster Extender, Belt Adapter and Webbing Adapter' on their social media platforms driving more people to my blog to read the reviews and delve into my thoughts.

So as I always say, grab an ice cold beer, slap the wallet onto the table, kick back and enjoy some fine written reviews.

H A H O - High Aspirations High Octane

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