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SEAL Team - Behind the kit - Belts

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The belts seen in SEAL Team used by the characters are from research all real steel, real military, LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) and civilian application belts. No expense has been spared and in some cases, these belts are either discontinued or are rare outside of certain circles.

In short, the main belt manufacturers used by Bravo are; 5.11, Yates Gear, Raptor Tactical and Crye Precision, with several other manufacturers also seen through the seasons. For ease, I've reduced the names of the belts in each section to just initials.

The above famous photo taken from Season 1 showing the new Bravo team, provided 4 early belt IDs.

The initial season saw the team operating with a variety of belts, as the operators in real life can within limits choose and run their own gear, so naturally preferences are chosen and this is what gives the show its' individuality. Each member of Bravo has their own kit, their own style and it works for them, something likely instilled by those working on the show based on their backgrounds and experience.

In this blog I'll be showing you the belts and looking at how Bravo use them in different environments and how each character uses them. This blog like the SEAL Team - Behind the kit - Boots blog has taken many months to put together, with many hours staring at pixelated and low quality images as well as HD images, all so you don't have to! I've also added in links to reviews, so if you're on the lookout for a belt and want to know where or where not to spend your money, grab a coffee or beer, put the wallet on the table and read on.


Belts are an often overlooked piece of equipment, often thought about no further than, I need something to hold my trousers up. The typical belt types are; simple draw belt, hook and loop belt, a velcro belt or an external hip belt. Operators with hip based belt rigs need something that'll carry weight, be comfortable and be reliable at all hours. Those working with aircraft, ropes or rescue need the very best and second best is a sure path to injury. Depending on what your task is, every level has a price and you decide where to draw the line. Aesthetics vs practicality...

1st line - you may have heard this term banded about, and it simply relates to your belt kit / line and the items you have attached to it. Typically this will include pistol, medic blowout pouch, pistol magazine pouches and potentially a GP pouch or similar.

For those in Bravo, typically the 1st line includes a belt and an outer sleeve. This outer sleeve in the majority of cases is a variant (in colour) of the Crye Precision Gen 1 MRB (Modular Riggers Belt). The team swap between the Ranger Green and Multicam variant on an individual level. The Gen 1 is no longer manufactured by Crye, but there are still some floating around if you look in the right places (the Gen 1 / Gen 2 differences are mainly aesthetic).

The majority of belts seen during operational episodes are real steel helo ops usable belts. These are designed to be used by personnel operating in and around helos and aircraft. These belts provide a fixing point from operator to a hard tac postion. The belts are fixed using personal retention lanyards which again are real steel and tested to deal with sudden impact / weight load. As identified by ATRG, and confirmed through my own purchase, the lanyards used by Bravo are the Yates 566 Extraction /Personal Retention Lanyards in Terra - (NSN# 4240016138368).


5.11 originally made their name by designing and manufacturing trousers that were quickly adopted for use in training by the FBI. Since this collaboration, 5.11 has been designing and manufacturing garments, equipment (civilian and tactical) that is sold around the world.

5.11 is a known and respected brand in civilian, LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) and military circles. It's rugged versatility, attractive prices and variation in equipment and fits means that a lot of their products are used across the globe by military personnel. 5.11 seems like a natural choice where that link between manufacturer and user is already evident, and belts aren't the only product used in the show made by 5.11.


5.11 Tactical Maverick Assaulters Belt (TMAB)

The TMAB (seen in the sandstone 59569-328 variant) has been seen used by both Jason and Ray. This belt is identifiable due to the small male section and the larger female section of the clip along with the front web loop designed for personal retention lanyards.

Reviews - click here


Yates Gear is based in Redding, California. It's a company that produces and uses only US parts in their products for a homegrown product rivalling 'split country manufacturers' (companies that manufacture parts in one country and combine with other parts sourced from other countries). Yates has a collection of experience from mountaineering, rock climbing, military and law enforcement that input directly towards products, as well as listening to the end users feedback. Yates produces products for the professionals.

Yates Gear is designed primarily for those who require the best from their equipment because their safety and that of others depends on it. Having purchased a Yates belt I can confirm that they are very high quality and are set apart from anything else in the same safety equipment arena. Yates Gear is a staple choice by Bravo and their support elements through the seasons with a huge variety of adaptable belts.


Yates Gear 463D Cobra CQB Belt

This belt first appeared in active use in S3×06 - 'All Along the Watchtower' and was used by all of Bravo due to their work around airborne assets. The belt is identifiable as a Yates product by the miniature US flag stitched onto the non buckle end. Further research showed this was the 463D variant based upon the built in D ring attachment that the teams' helo lanyards are connected via.

Link to product here - Yates Gear 463D Cobra CQB Belt.

HAHO will be reviewing this product shortly. Watch this space...


Yates 464D Cobra D-ring 1.5"

Trent appears to favour the 464D belt identified by the fact that it is an identical design to that of the 463D but is missing the US flag and Yates logo. Additionally, Clay was seen using the Multicam variant when deployed to Afghanistan and Jason separated him from the team.

Link to product here - Yates Gear 464D Cobra D-Ring.


Yates 461 - 1.5" Uniform Rappel Belt

The Yates 461 belts were seen in use by Bravo S3×10 - 'Unbecoming an Officer' when Davis was appearing before a military court. Interestingly, the velcro snap on, designed to keep the front metal V ring firmly in place appears to have been cut off. This belt has been seen in use behind the wire and is used generally when Bravo are in the load room or the briefing room.

Link to product here - Yates 461 Uniform Rappel.


Raptor Tactical was founded by experienced US Army veterans and supplies tactical equipment to the Military and LEOs. The company prides itself on innovative use of materials, design and quality setting their products apart from competitors. Raptor Tactical use only US military certified supplies from the US to manufacture their products.

For further info visit the Raptor Tactical website here

Raptor Tactical provide another set of belts for use by Bravo, distinctive, sleek and modern, their appearance whilst subtle do certainly make them stand out. Their belt lines all generally utilise a laser cut design which separates it from the standard molle loops on other manufacturers belts. This is a great feature in my opinion as the laser cuts remove the risk of snagging a molle loop when disembarking from a vehicle or working in an indoor environment.


Raptor Tactical ODIN Belt Mark I

Sonny and Clay both used the Mark I through Season 1 and intermittently through Season 2 and 3, though mainly as a homebase / briefing belt. The Mark I which is similar to a lot of other belts produced by tactical companies was identified based upon the buckle shape (male and female curved connections), the positioning of the silver rivets on the female connector, and the brass coloured depress tabs.

Link to product here - ODIN Belt Mark I.


VertX Raptor Belt (ray)

Ray appears to favour the VertX belt over the standard Yates belt. This belt was identified by the large two piece buckle and the indented stamp markings which are not easily readable in images due to the wear, tear and paint applications.

Sonny has also been seen using the black VertX variant in several episodes.

Link to site here - Raptor Tactical VertX belt

Reviews - click here


Crye Precision designs and manufactures innovative equipment for America's military personnel. Crye pride themselves on customer interactions, designing new equipment, modifying existing equipment and using feedback and experience to help shape their products to be the best that they can be.

For further info visit the Crye Precision website here

Crye have always been a top contender for high grade military clothing and equipment, their products aren't cheap but they have been manufactured by a company that knows what it's doing and whatever you buy, you can be safe in the knowledge that countless serving military and LEO personnel have likely used that same equipment in their roles.


Crye Precision Range Belt

Brock is one of the few seen wearing the Range Belt and it's reappearance throughout the seasons and lack of others used by Brock again shows that from his background, this is the piece of equipment he know and loves, therefore why change it?

Link to product here - Crye Precision range belt


Thoughts and opinion

Belts are an accessory to your kit, and as highlighted, manufacturer, quality and choice comes down to you, your budget and your requirements. The Yates, Crye, 5.11, Raptor Tactical belts are all fantastic brands if you have the money, but there are several other brands such as Warrior Assault Systems, Templars Gear, LBX, FRV Tailoring and High Speed Gear (amongst a huge list of others) that also manufacture belts, kit and equipment that are also worth checking out! Take your time, read the reviews, choose your level and be confident that your choice will last. I've used a huge variety of belts from various manufacturers including 5.11, Blackhawk, LBX and Warrior, each had their own place and each was reliable. If you're after a standard belt for a standard role aim for the mid tier manufacturers. If you want to round off that SEAL Team impression, money needs to be spent however be at peace and know that you will be buying a quality long lasting product that won't let you down.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.

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