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Review - MicroBat Systems Micro Candy Pouch

History of Microbat Systems

Microbat Systems is a dedicated team of professionals focussed primarily on night time operations based equipment but with reach into the ancillary market space also. In house designed and manufactured products have been created with the customer in mind and again ahve sought to carve out a niche into the military market through their innovative and well thought out products.

For more info - visit the Microbat Systems website.


Why the MicroBat Systems Micro Candy Pouch?

When you find a manufacturer that creates innovative, well priced tactical products, you tend to visit their websites often, catch up on product release emails and support these companies through purchasing their kit. There are many out there and finding them is not always the easiest. Through the One Hundred Concepts website, I came across Microbat Systems. Time and again I've seen products pop up that fit a niche for me and a whole range of other users across the Government, Military, Law Enforcement and civilian circles. Having recently purchased and reviewed the OHC HelmetScrim, I knew that I wasn't always going to have the HelmetScrim fitted 100% of the time, the question came to where to store it? Stuffed in a pouch or pocket amongst other items would likely see it damaged, tangled or even lost. Appearing stage left was the MicroBat Systems Micro Candy Pouch, a small lightweight pouch sold as a 'micro' into which the HelmetScrim could be stuffed and stored. With a few other items in the cart already it was a no brainer and I hit the order button eagerly awaiting its' delivery.

One Hundred Concepts have kindly given permission to use their product photos of the MicroBat Systems Micro Candy Pouch in this blog.


Product details

Herein lies the product description from the OHC website (which is more descriptive than that on the Microbat Systems website);

Available in both Multicam and Multicam Tropic licensed patterns.

  • Stow your HelmetScrim when not in use

  • Keep other mission-essential items on your helmet

  • Only limited by your imagination

Our HelmetScrim is extremely packable and can be easily stashed in a pocket when you want to go "slick". The Candy Micro is the perfect companion to that packability. The Candy Micro is a simple zippered pouch with hook Velcro on the back, giving you a place to stash your HelmetScrim and attach it directly to your helmet or a variety of other places. It also features a rubber-wrapped zipper, which kills any possible noise or rattling when walking.

It doesn't stop there, the Candy Micro has nearly unlimited uses. Micros can fill roles of exterior organization of critical items on Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers, compartmentalization inside backpacks, or supplemental storage on the upper sleeves of combat shirts. How will you use yours?


Packaging exterior

The Micro Candy Pouch was packaged in a tough one time use rugged transparent bag. There were no exterior labels or markings for the product.


Micro Candy Pouch exterior in detail

The Micro Candy Pouch (MCP) is manufactured using 500D cordura material which is official licensed Mulitcam Tropic and is NIR (Near Infra-Red) compliant.


The MCP measures;

Height 10.5 cm

Width 10 cm

Thickness 2 mm

The MCP weighs 28g.

As mentioned, the MCP like the variety of other products on offer from Microbat Systems is manufactured using genuine 500D cordura material Multicam Tropic material meaning that it is tough, abrasion resistant and will hold up over a period of time due to constant use.

The front features the main YKK zip measuring full width of 11 cm (closed) and 10cm (opened) with the chain (zip teeth), pull tab and slider all in black. The pull tab is coated in a rubber / plastic coat designed to prevent damage to it whilst also as a small side effect lessens the noise of clanking of the pull tab on the chain during movement. The large zip opening that near fully opens from the left to the right hand edge ensures that you're able to insert and retrieve items from within easily.

Underneath the zip is a rectangular hook velcro patch measuring 10 x 5 cm ( W x H) which can be used to mount patches and unit markers if required. This patch is also in the Multicam Tropic pattern which enables it to blend in, instead of it being a single solid colour such as ranger green / OD as seen on other products.

The rear of the pouch features a large square hook veclro patch measuring 10 x 10 cm (H x W). This is designed to enable attachment of the MCP to the rear of a helmet, pouch, pack or shirt sleeve as advertised. The velcro patch is a single solid black colour.

Internally the MCP measures approx 10 x 10 cm (H x W) and is accustomed to being able to store smaller items such as CR123 / AA / AAA batteries, the OHC HelmetScrim or other small tactical / sensitive items as shown below.


Fitting the MCP

The MCP can be fitted to a variety of locations such as ; rear of helmet, Pack, Plate carrier / Pouch or on clothing. The MCP as seen can simply be attached via the velcro hook patch on the rear of the MCP to any loop velcro real estate on any product. The images below show the MCP being used on a variety of products to give a view of what it looks like.



Maintenance of the MCP is as expected, minimal.

  • Use stiff or soft brush to remove excess dirt from the interior and exterior of the MCP.

  • Warm water and soap can also be used in conjunction with a tougher brush to remove debris.

  • Allow MCP to dry naturally.

  • Periodically check the zip and stitching for any damage or wear and tear and repair if required.


Thoughts and opinion

The Micro Candy Pouch by Microbat Systems is simply a small pouch used for storing small / sensitive items. Aside from storage can it be used for anything else? Not really. Is it an adaptable and quirky piece of kit? Yes. Purchased purely to enable me to safely and securely store my HelmetScrim out of sight when not required in a pouch that could easily fit into a pocket, pouch or rear space of the plate carrier, means that the HelmetScrim is not stuffed into a large pouch along with other items, items that will be scattered over the ground when pulling out the HelmetScrim. I like organisation and categorising, the MCP does just that and when I need other items such as spare CR123s for the L3 Harris DTNVS to be carried somewhere, the MCP is an easy to get to and recognisable pouch even on the blackest of nights.

Microbat Systems is a new company to me, but the products that they deliver are innovative and useful products that may on the surface not change the tactical landscape, but they certainly make the journey across it a hell of a lot easier, more comfortable and organised. As a part of my Team Wendy EXFIL setup I sometimes do utilise the MCP on the rear of the helmet, however I am typically carrying the MCP inside the admin pouch of my Spiritus Systems Mk3 chest rig. Being lightweight and barely noticeable, it's an obvious addition to my kit that for me makes tactical kit organisation that much simpler.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.


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