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Review - ShockCollar

History of One Hundred Concepts

One Hundred Concepts is a small team company based out of Tennessee focussing on the development of tactical kit and equipment that provides an edge for customers across the globe. Frustrated with gear and lack of ingenuity, the team are building upon a line of products and striving to make our lives easier through better kit applications.

For more info - visit the One Hundred Concepts website.


Why the ShockCollar?

When you find a manufacturer that creates innovative, well priced tactical products, you tend to visit their websites often, catch up on product release emails and support these companies through purchasing their kit. OHC is no exception, time and again I've seen products pop up that fit a niche for me and a whole range of other users across the Government, Military, Law Enforcement and civilian circles. Having previously purchased the LightCap (a review of which is here), which was a great piece of kit, I was getting fed up with the constant shockcord adjustments needing to be made and with the ranger band also not really doing its job properly, I found that the LightCap was more of a hinderance when attached to the Surefire M300V (a review of which is here). Appearing stage left was the ShockCollar, a small upgrade piece designed to be used in conjunction with the LightCap or ScopeCap and replacing the meddlesome ranger band. With a few other items in the cart already it was a no brainer and I hit the order button eagerly awaiting its' delivery.

One Hundred Concepts have kindly given permission to use some of their product photos of the ShockCollar in this blog.


Product details

Herein lies the product description from the website;

  • Eliminate excess shock cord and use of ranger bands

  • Simplifies LightCap™ and ScopeCap™ installation

  • Ease of manipulating light heads for battery changes and Vampire modes

  • Better suited for scopes with rotating Oculars (EOTECH Vudu and NightForce Scopes)

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we've received on our products is the difficulty of installation and battery changes when using our ScopeCap and LightCap products. By developing a locking ring with eyelets to fit the shock cord, we were able to completely eliminate the need for ranger bands and looping the shock cord around the light or optic body.

Another pain point for some of our customers is how difficult removing a light head can be for battery changes or actuating the rotating head on Surefire Vampire Scout lights. Locking the shock cord to the light head itself, it allows a free range of motion and no more binding or unlooping of the shock cord. If you're using an LPVO where the magnification throw is a large part of the rear of the optic, the ShockCollar™ eliminates the binding when adjusting magnification.

Is the ShockCollar™ required for the installation of our ScopeCap™ and LightCap™? Absolutely not. However, it does offer some major benefits.

Sizes available;

S / M / L - for LightCap

1 / 2 / 3 - for ScopeCap


Packaging exterior

The ShockCollar came in the newly designed product packaging instead of the atypical durable sealed bags. It actually makes a huge difference from the first impression, making the company and products look more professional. The front of the packaging details OHC company name and logo as well as the size of the ShockCollar within. The rear of the packaging gives the company motto, social media account details and the barcode and product name / model. The bag is resealable as it's a traditional 'freezer bag' like seal.


The ShockCollar has only five components in the package; ShockCollar (Small), 1x 15 mm hex screw, 1x 12 mm hex screw and 2x 5 mm nuts.


ShockCollar exterior in detail

The ShockCollar itself is manufactured using the same UV-resistant thermaplastic that the LightCap is made from. The 2x hex screws and 2x nuts are manufactured using black oxide coated stainless steel.


The ShockCollar measures;

Height 3.6 cm

Width 4 cm

Thickness 7 mm

The ShockCollar weighs 10g.

The ShockCollar is manufactured using toughened UV-resistant thermaplastic which has benefits of not rusting, being strengthened and not becoming brittle over time as some metal parts on weapons systems can and do do.

The ShockCollar itself is a simplistic product designed to be slid over a weapon mounted torch or scope to enable the attachment of a non-moveable fixing point for the LightCap or ScopeCap, replacing the original 'ranger band' fitting part which from feedback was the main negative for the original LightCap / ScopeCap packages.

From the front of the ShockCollar, on the left and right hand sides are two extended 'wings' with holes cut through from front to back, through which the shockcord from the LightCap or ScopeCap can be threaded. At the base of the ShockCollar is the horizontal hex screw thread point through which the ShockCollar can be tightened or loosend onto the torch or scope.

The two hex screws are two different lengths (15 mm & 12 mm), a useful addition designed to be able to suit most users requirements depending upon the circumference of the torch or scope being used, meaning you only need to use a single screw. Of the two nuts provided, only one is required, the second is purely a replacement in case of loss of one nut, again another useful addition.


Fitting the ShockCollar

Currently the LightCap is fitted using just the shockcord which is for the time being acceptable, though does have some issues. The below images illustrate the current fixing method.

The ShockCollar is easy to fit and it's recommended to create a clear workspace in which you can take apart and install the ShockCollar to your weapon system.

I recommend inserting the nut into the cut-out prior to fitting the ShockCollar in place as it can be fiddly. Simply slide the main body over the torch or scope to the required location. Once in the desired position, I recommend again that you check and measure the length of the shockcord required that will be used in conjunction with the LightCap or ScopeCap you'll be using. Measure twice, cut once.

Once confident in placement, insert the hex screw and tighten but do not over tighten. If the ShockCollar is not going to be removed for an extended period of time or likely not to be removed, it's recommended to apply a small drop of Loctite glue to the nut to aid it in sticking in place securely.

Once fitted, thread through the shockcord, tie, tighten and tie again, the ShockCollar is then affixed correctly as shown below.

In the below images the ShockCollar is fitted with the screw facing outwards. This was done for demonstration purposes only to show one view of the ShockCollar in this configuration.

When the ShockCollar is fitted, I have rotated it 180° so that the screw sits between the Surefire M300V and the rail of the HK416D, that way the screw and connecting bridge pieces are protected against any bumps, scrapes or drops. As seen in the images below, once fitted, the shockcord makes the attachment of the LightCap much more tidy with less materials and snagging opportunities. Removal of the LightCap is simple, quick and easy, without the stress of the shockcord getting tangled or getting caught in other parts of the weapon system.



Maintenance of the ShockCollar is minimal.

  • Use stiff or soft brush to remove excess dirt from the exterior of the ShockCollar if left attached.

  • If removing ShockCollar, warm water can also be used in conjunction with a tougher brush to remove debris. from the interior if required.

  • Allow ShockCollar to dry naturally.

  • Periodically check the hex screws and ShockCollar for any stress cracks or damage.


Thoughts and opinion

Building upon feedback from users of their products, One Hundred Concepts has yet again supported their customer base, made improvements, released new and updated products and proved themselves as a fluid evolving tactical market focussed company. Instead of launching a product and ignoring the negative yet constructive feedback, OHC chose to engage with users and because of this they've been able to produce the ShockCollar which replaces the original 'ranger band' style fitting so many complained about. We now are fortunate to have a very simple solution to the problem, which removes the need for lengths of shockcord, an annoyance when applying IR filters to torches or if replacing batteries in the field, this makes life simpler.

Having used the ShockCollar for several months, I haven't taken much notice of it, there's not much to see other than a reduction in the amount of shockcord previously wrapped around my Surefire M300V. Being thermaplastic and not metal means I'm more confident about it not rusting or wet / temperate weather conditions affecting it, whilst also not breaking the bank on a remedying product. Changing batteries has become easier and as recommended in the blog, once it's in place, I'll not be moving it, so with the screw being Loctite'd in place, it's certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.

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