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Review - Crye Precision GunClip

History of Crye Precision

Crye Precision is one of the worlds leading developers, manufacturers and distributors of high grade clothing and equipment not only serving US Military forces and Law Enforcement Agencies but also globally to other military and LEA's. Crye gear is used across the different arms of the military and at the base level, provides uniforms and tactical armour plate carriers and pouch systems.

For more info - visit Crye Precision website.


Why the Crye Precision GunClip?

Already owning and utilising a Safariland 6378 holster with a Glock 19, why would anyone need another holster? The GunClip fills the void where individuals were previously restricted as to where they were able to mount a holster i.e. purely on the belt. Over the years, there has been a notable increase in the number of variety of mounting options enabling holsters to be mounted on the left or right hand side of 1st Line and 2nd Line Gear. The GunClip certainly ticks the box when it comes to low profile usage, where access to the handgun is quick and easy whilst also allowing a torch to be mounted without affecting the size / dimensions of the holster by much.


Product details

Herein lies the product description from the website;

Introducing the GunClip, an entirely new approach to carrying and deploying a handgun. Any light, any suppressor, any platform, any orientation, any situation. Even if you’re in a cramped vehicle or wearing an armored vest with a gun on your belt, the GunClip allows you to deploy your handgun and get on target. Fast. And its small size means minimal weight and space is taken up when not in use.

  • A single adjustment sets rotation (360 degrees) and securely clamps the mount to almost any platform (belt or MOLLE).

  • Fits belts up to 2 inches tall.

  • Currently available for all GLOCK® 17, 19, 22, and 23 pistols.

  • Right hand mount.

  • Other models available soon.

  • Patents pending.

  • Made in the US from US materials.


Packaging exterior

The GunClip was shipped with minimal packaging with the product being zip tied to the card outer. This card outer measuring 21.5 x 14.5 cm (H x W), provides the product details on the front along with 3 unique key features, with the rear further providing information relating to the product. The GunClip was the right hand model variant (the only one available at this time) and was in black. The GunClip is also available in Tan.



The GunClip package simply contained;


Operators instructions


GunClip exterior in detail

The GunClip is manufactured using a high grade black polymer with only a couple of metal parts as later identified in this blog. The exterior whilst appearing to be 'busy' in regards to shapes and grooves etc is simplistic and enables the operator to identify any damaged parts or build up of dirt etc easily.

401 Measurements

Height 6.3 cm

Width 9.8 cm

Length 7.6 cm

The GunClip weighs 95g

The GunClip can be simplistically broken down into four sections as highlighted in the image to the right; Upper section (red), Hinge section (blue), Lower section (green) and the Mounting section (purple).

When looking at the GunClip from the front with the Crye Precision name on the right hand side (image 1), it can be seen that the Upper section front face of the GunClip has the Crye Precision logo and name engraved within a recessed window. To the bottom left of the Upper section is a small curved moulded section which is designed to allow a torch to be fitted to the handgun without compromising the GunClips shape. The left hand side features the single metal popper which enables the GunClip to be opened and securely shut. The right hand side features the flexible hinge section. The Mounting section is covered below.

The Mounting section consists of 2 pieces, a fixed non movable pair of clips (left hand side - image 1) and an adjustable set of clips (right hand side - image 1). These adjustments are covered later in the blog.


GunClip opening

To open the GunClip, the metal popper on the left hand side is unclipped enabling the flexible hinge to open thus enabling a handgun to be inserted into the GunClip.


GunClip Mechanism

To insert and fix a handgun into the GunClip, first pop the popper and then open the hinge. As seen in the first image (highlighted in green) and in the second image (highlighted in red), there are ridges which fit over the top of the Glock trigger guard and slide which fix it in place. The smaller ridge (image 1) sits over the trigger guard whilst the longer less defined ridge (image 2) sits over the slide. Insert the Glock trigger guard first and then push down on the slide until it clips into the GunClip. Some force is initially required due to stiffness of the GunClip but it further enables the Glock to remain securely in place without worry of disengaging. When the Glock is inserted it can be moved a few millimetres forwards or backwards, however movement is certainly minimal.

Once the Glock has been inserted, the metal popper can be re-engaged and the Glock is then held securely in place by the GunClip.


GunClip Adjustment

There are two adjustments that can be made; Belt adjustment and the Rotation adjustment.

This section covers the Belt adjustment. On the interior of the GunClip is a ' + ' screw (circled red in image 1) which connects to the screw panel on the rear (circled green in image 2). Unscrewing the screw fully and removing it leaves the screw panel still attached to the rear of the mounting section. The screw panel does have a protruding nib which can be pressed downwards on making the next step easier. A flat headed screwdriver is needed to be inserted under the panel and levered upwards as shown in image 5. Once removed the two sections of the mounting section can be moved. Of note as shown in image 7 is the clip that enables the screw panel to be correctly inserted and gripped into place. Ensure this lines up with the screw panel before it's inserted otherwise you risk damaging the clip. As shown in image 8, the Mounting section can at its smallest fit a belt of 4.5cm. The widest as shown in image 9 can fit a belt of 7.5cm. Of note is that the specs say the GunClip can only fit belts up to 2", however this is incorrect.

This next section covers the Rotation adjustment. With the inner screw loosened, the entire Upper section can be rotated left or right enabling the operator to angle the GunClip for a draw that suits them. As shown in image 1, the stepped wheel areas (highlighted red) enable the operator to make minute adjustments in the rotation. Image 2 shows the standard 90 (degree) mounting option and the following images show a single stepped rotation until the GunClip is horizontal to the belt. Rotations as mentioned can either be to the left or the right and are a full 360 (degrees).

Once the operator has identified rotation and attachment location, they can then attach the GunClip to either a belt or molle. As shown in the images below, the GunClip has been attached to a Crye Precision AVS (images 1 - 5) and to a Crye Precision MRB Gen1 (image 6).



Maintenance of the GunClip is important. Thankfully due to it's simple design and minimal inaccessible crevices / mould lines etc it is easy to clean. It's recommended that after use either on the range, in an operational theatre or after non-use for a period of time, the GunClip is carefully cleaned;

  • It is best to take apart the Gunclip to enable deep cleaning in all areas and to remove dirt build up.

  • A damp cloth can be used to wipe away excess dirt.

  • Warm water can be used to submerge the GunClip parts into and a cloth or soft bristled brush used to further clean away dirt.

  • Allow to naturally dry.



The GunClip was tested on the range in both the belt and plate carrier configuration with a Tokyo Marui Glock 19.

Walking - in both configs, there was no movement of the Glock or GunClip.

Gentle running - in both configs, there again was no movement of either items. Depending on mounting location, running with a handgun attached to the front of a plate carrier can take time to get used to.

Fast paced running - in both configs, the GunClip remained stable and did not move when running and climbing over obstacles. On a couple of occasions, the GunClip did hit on a wall whilst manoeuvring around, however it remained securely fixed in place and did not warrant any worry of becoming disengaged.


Thoughts and opinion

The Crye Precision GunClip is a simple product with no frills, nothing complicated or mechanical that can break and is specifically designed for Glock handguns. This piece of tactical equipment is ideal especially for those who are operating in a low profile environment or who want a readily adjustable holster (mounting location or rotation). The built in torch moulding is useful for those utilising Glocks with a mounted torch without having to purchase a new holster or constantly adjusting the holster to ensure the Glock and torch (or no torch) seats correctly. The simplistic snap in feature is ideal and whilst it can take some time to get used to the fact that two minute rails are holding the Glock in place I can promise you that it won't move if seated correctly.

I now utilise the GunClip on my low profile gear, especially when a Safariland 6378 holster wrapped in Multicam is not wanted to be seen. The light weight of the GunClip is a plus too, as when empty it's barely noticeable when attached to 1st Line Gear or 2nd Line Gear.

There are other holsters out there that might be better suited for your needs, especially if you change handguns, as other than fitting a Glock, this GunClip is of no use. The limited adjustment features may not appeal to you either, however I firmly believe that the GunClip is simple enough and adjustable enough to be worthy of purchase and usage.


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Final Note

I am not paid for my blogs by the manufacturers or companies that I purchase my items from. I am not offered freebies to promote a product. These blogs are purely written from my own experience in truth to help advise and inform others who may wish to purchase the items or understand more about them. If I am sent a freebie to review this will be stated at the beginning to make you aware.


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