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Review - Aimpoint Acro C-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight

History of Aimpoint

Aimpoint, originating in Sweden in the 1970s has dominated the red dot sight market globally and is a trusted brand used by military, law enforcement, competition shooters, hunters and a range of others the world over. Their red dot systems are tried and tested by militaries undergoing rigorous testing phases to ensure that the equipment they manufacture won't let you down when you need it most.

For more info - visit the Aimpoint website.


Why the Aimpoint Acro C-2?

Aimpoint is a familiar name across the globe as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of weapons sights. Predominantly known for its success of red dot sights and low profile, rugged sights able to take a beating, it was time to crack the door open and see what was outside in the world of Aimpoint.

So why have I stepped towards Aimpoint and why now? I currently utilise the EOTECH XPS3 and the EXPS3-0 depending on the requirements and weapon system used. Over time in the field and on the range whilst still only weighing in at 317g, over time it's a weighty addition to the rifle. That's when I started looking for another low profile, aesthetically pleasing and rugged sight that offered more bang for the buck. Notably climbing steep arduous terrain over multiple days you have the time to reconsider ancillaries attached to your rifle and the sight utilised was something I wanted to investigate. After pouring many hours on the internet searching for recommended sights, watching countless review videos of a range of manufacturers and products, the Aimpoint Acro came up. It also had to meet the criteria below;

A) be small, low profile and lightweight sight with sub CR123 battery requirements but also providing a long battery life.

B) ability to swap between a daytime and night time setting whilst being night vision compatible as it'd be used in conjunction with my L3Harris White Phos DTNVS.

C) in use by US military (any branch) or Law Enforcement solidifying itself as a reputable and resilient sight.

Diving further into it I liked the look of what I saw regarding reliability, weight, crispness of sight picture and overall ability of the sight. I eventually pursued and purchased the Acro C-2 and eagerly awaited its' delivery (taking over 2 months) from order. But boy was it worth the wait!

Aimpoint Acro promo video

Aimpoint released a promo video showcasing some of the key features of the C-2 (Commercial) and P-2 (Professional - Military / Law Enforcement) models which can be viewed below.


Acro Models

Aimpoint currently produces 2 models of the Acro, the C-2 (Commercial) and the P-2 (Professional) models. The chart below highlights the similarities and differences between the two.

Acro C-2


Acro P-2






60 g


60 g

3.5 MOA

Red dot size

3.5 MOA

​5 m


35 m

50k+ hours

Battery life

50k+ hours


Daylight settings



Night settings


The main differences between the C-2 and the P-2 are;

  • P-2 guaranteed and designed to withstand water depth up to 35m (30m more than the C-2).

  • P-2 has 2 more Night settings than the C-2.

  • Exterior shell features C-2 or P-2 model laser engraved markings.


Product details

Herein lies the product description from the website;

Aimpoint Acro C-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight (3.5 MOA) - Fixed Mount

The Aimpoint Acro C-2 is the next generation in the Acro series with an optimized technology. With the new battery size of CR2032 and new diode technology the Acro C-2 will last for 5 years of continuous use on setting 6/10 (daylight setting) . The new LED gives you a brighter 3.5 MOA dot. The Acro series includes a wide variety of available mounting solutions, which make it possible to mount the Acro C-2 optic on several weapon platforms such as shotguns and rifles or utilized as a backup sight on magnified scopes.

Tested with a minimum of 20,000 rounds on a .40 cal pistol slide, this small optic has proven to lead in ruggedness and reliability. It is trusted by law enforcement, military, hunters, and sport shooters alike. They all rely on the Acro advantage. The enclosed system makes it reliable and operational in any weather conditions.


  • Fully enclosed system

  • Ready to mount optic, comes equipped with a fixed 22 mm mount for Weaver/Picatinny

  • New CR2032 battery that will last for 5 years of continuous use

  • Designed for direct integration in combination with mount plates onto optic ready pistol slides

  • Fully enclosed housing protects all electronic components of the sight from all elements.

  • Easily zeroed with the Aimpoint tool that comes with the sight. Adjustment clicks you can hear and feel

  • Can be mounted on any Aimpoint Micro sight mount via the Acro mount plate with Micro interface

  • Battery installation while optic is still mounted on weapon

  • Anodized high strength aluminum housing, semi-matte black

  • NVD compatible


  • Size L X W X H: 47 x 34 x 43 mm

  • Weight: 93 g

  • Dot Size: 3.5 MOA

  • Magnification: 1X - No Magnification

  • Night Vision Device (NVD) Compatible: Yes

  • Transmission: Average 60% in the range 420 - 700 nm

  • Eye Relief: Unlimited

  • Mounting Solution: Acro™ Fixed Mount 22 mm

  • Mounting Platform: Weaver /Picatinny Rail

  • Diode LED (Light Emitting Diode): totally eye safe

  • Dot Color: Red

  • Light Source Wavelength: 650 nm red light

  • Optical Coating: Anti-reflex coating all surfaces and multilayer coating objective lens

  • Clear Aperature: 15 × 15 mm / 0.59 × 0.59 in

  • Parallax Absence of parallax - No centering required


Packaging exterior

The Acro C-2 came in an elegant card outer box with the Aimpoint logo and product model written on most faces. The box measured 12 x 11 x 7 cm (Width x Depth x Height) and weighed 182g in total. The card exterior is plain, simple yet also somewhat striking. The main point to note is on the left hand side is the barcode of the product along with the serial number.

Opening the card exterior can be likened to opening an origami construct revealing inside yet another box which houses the Acro C-2 and accessories. The interior of the lid has a printed Aimpoint statement on it. The interior card box is fully black and only has the Aimpoint logo emblazoned on the top in a shiny black lettering.

These exterior and interior cases are standard ones used by Aimpoint in which the majority of their products are shipped as when it comes to size, the interior with the packing foam can comfortably accommodate the smaller or larger sights and ancillaries.


Packaging interior

The card interior is basic measuring 11 x 0.5 x 7 cm (Width x Depth x Height), containing some removable foam and is split in two; base tray and upper cover / lid. The lid has a square of padded foam glued to it. The base tray can as mentioned hosue a number of Aimpoint products and likely for ease the foam is not cut to a specific size, rather with the Acro C-2 sitting centrally on the mid layer of foam which has a triangular corner cut out to allow access to the underneath. Under this mid layer of foam is the accessories and operators manual section.


The Acro C-2 package comes with three items; Acro C-2, Micro Series Key and operators manual and warranty card.

The Micro Series key is designed to be used in conjunction with a variety of Aimpoint sights. The key is a tool with multiple parts designed to enable the operator to adjust elevation and windage settings as well as be used for unscrewing from the mount and tightening the battery cap.

Included within a resealable transparent bag is the Acro C-2 operator manual and a warranty card;

"Aimpoint guarantees its products to be free from original manufacturer defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years for professional or competition use and 10 years for personal use from the date of purchase."

An electronic version of the manual for the Acro C-2 can be found here.


Acro C-2 exterior in detail

The Acro C-2 like all Aimpoint sights are manufactured using high grade materials and in this case for the Acro C-2, it's manufactured using high-strength yet lightweight aluminium with a black anodized finish making the product even more scratch resistant. The housing itself is a self contained unit protecting the intricate electronics and keeping them behind strengthened multi layered glass lenses. This ensures the important parts are kept free from dust, water and anything else in the environment that could otherwise cause it damage.


Without low profile mount fitted.

Height 3.3 cm

Width 3 cm

Length 4.6 cm

Height (sight window) 2.6cm

Width (sight window) 3.4cm

The Acro C-2 weighs a total of 60g (with battery fitted)

The exterior of the sight is one complete shell and there's no easy access to the interior of the sight. Each face of the Acro C-2 serves a function and these are covered below.


The front of the sight is predominantly taken up by the front sight lens providing a 16 x 16 mm lens. This lens is multi layered strengthened glass which is scratch resistant and can from the product details take a certain amount of force before it's damaged. In addition to this, the layer has a Anti-reflex (AR) coating also. There are no other discernible features at the front of the sight.


Similar to the front, the rear also houses the rear sight lens providing an aperture of 16 x 16 mm and the glass is again multi-layered and scratch resistant.

Left hand side

The left hand side of the Acro C-2 features the battery compartment and the function / push buttons.


The reticle is a standard 3.5 MOA (circle) in size. The C-2 features 10 brightness settings, 8 daylight settings and 2 night settings. The Commercial model is designed for use by civilians, hunters, competition shooters and others potentially within Law Enforcement etc who would be less likely to have a Night vision compatible sight as standard. When powering on the sight, the sight automatically illuminates at 6/10 as a typical daylight setting.

Right hand side

The right hand side of the C-2 features the Windage adjustment screw towards the rear. This screw adjusts the reticle sighting horizontally left and right using the Micro Series Key (or Aimpoint tool).


The top of the C-2 features a laser engraved Aimpoint logo on the front ridge of the sight whilst at the rear is the Elevation adjustment screw. This screw adjusts the reticle sighting vertically up and down, again using the Micro Series Key.


On the underside of the C-2 is unique attachment point. This design is purely to enable the C-2 to be mounted directly to the Micro Interface ACRO Mount Plate or the QD mounts (low / high). The mounting options are covered later in the blog.


Installing CR2032 battery

The battery used by the Acro C-2 is the CR2032 and according to the product details, can last up to 5 years on the standard daylight setting (6/10). The battery size and power used compliments the capabilities of the C-2 and with the battery compartment on the side, enables the battery to be removed and a new one inserted whilst the C-2 remains fitted to the weapon system.

The battery compartment can be accessed using the Micro Series key edge as shown in image two below or a flat headed screwdriver (noting metal screwdriver could cause damage and burring to edge of slot). Unscrewing the battery cap enables access to the compartment and the CR2032 battery within. The cap has a thin O-ring around it to aid in preventing debris, dust and water from entering the battery compartment. Of note is that there is no cap connector attaching it to the sight therefore caution should be taken when removing the cap so as to not lose it.


Operating the Acro C-2

The left hand side of the C-2 features the 2 functional buttons.

' + '

Primary function - pressing the '+' button will turn the sight on. The sight would remain illuminated indefinitely as there is no auto shut off.

Secondary function - when the sight is illuminated pressing the + button increases the reticle brightness.

' - '

Primary function - pressing the '-' button on the left hand side of the switch board decreases the reticle brightness.

Secondary function - when the sight is illuminated pressing and holding the - button for 3 seconds will turn the sight off.

Brightness levels

The C-2 features 10 brightness settings; 8 daylight settings and 2 night settings to best suit the operator and the environment. The Commercial model is designed for use by civilians, hunters, competition shooters and others potentially within Law Enforcement etc who would be less likely to have a Night vision compatible sight as standard. When powering on the sight, the sight automatically illuminates at 6/10 as a typical daylight setting which is acceptable for a standard outdoor environment.

Aimpoint do make clear that should the sight window become damaged, the sight does continue to perform / function correctly enabling you to still be able to use the sight.

Red dot sizes

Aimpoint sights utilise a number of MOA red dot sizes. Simplistically the smaller MOA red dot covers less of a target than a larger MOA red dot. There are applications for all sizes and it comes down to user preference whilst offering across the range, the ability to increase or decrease the brightness depending on operating conditions and the environment. Further details of the MOA red dots can be found here under the Aimpoint website - The red dot explained.



The Micro Series key is used to make adjustments to the elevation, windage and mount screw as seen in the pictures below. Image one shows the windage adjustment. Image two shows the elevation adjustment. Image three shows the tool being used to affix the mount screw.


Mount options

Low profile mount - 22mm

The low profile mount at only 22mm and weighing 34g enables attachment to standard Picatinny or Weaver rails. On top of the mount is the Micro interface unique to Aimpoint. The mount is attached using a torx screw instead of a typical hex screw and is therefore not QD (quick detach).

Fitting the low profile mount

To fit the low mount, the torx screw on the C-2 can be removed partially or completely to enable the grip part to be loosened. The C-2 is then placed onto the mount, the grip part re-attached and the torx screw tightened using the Micro series key, making sure to not overtighten. The total weight of C-2 and low profile mount is 94g.

High profile mount - 39mm

The high profile mount at 39mm and weighing 68g much as the low profile mount enables the operator to attach to standard Picatinny or Weaver rails. Raising the C-2 39mm from the top of the weapon system rail ensures that the sight picture is not obstructed by a forward or rear flip up sight when in the up or down position. The mount handily features a hollow core meaning that should the sight be damaged and unstable the operator can still look along the weapon systems rail for those critical shots.

The mount is QD enabled thanks to the spring loaded lever on the left hand side of the mount.

Fitting the high profile mount

To fit the high mount, the torx screw on the C-2 can be removed partially or completely to enable the grip part to be loosened. The C-2 is then placed onto the mount, the grip part re-attached and the torx screw tightened using the Micro series key, making sure to not overtighten. The total weight of the C-2 and the high profile mount is 128g.


Flip-up front cover

The Aimpoint front flip-up cover is a simple add on ancillary, designed to offer a level of protection to the sight during transport and when on the range or in the field. Fitted to the front of the C-2 it prevents dust or water from getting onto the front lens keeping it clear from obstructions. It is not ballistic rated and whilst likely able to handle the deflection of brass on one or two occasions or debris hitting it directly, it should not be solely relied on to protect the sight lens.

The flip-up cover itself is manufactured from a polymer type plastic whilst the lens is a piece of scratch resistant glass. The cover can be split into two parts; forward flip up lens and rear mounting bracket. The flip up lens section is a spring loaded mechanism which can be operated with one or two hands using the 'paddles' on the left or right hand side to help. Once flipped up and being spring loaded, the lens would need to be manually pushed back down and snapped / clicked into place where it'll remain securely closed. To denote it is a front flip-up cover, on the interior of the cover in the bottom left hand corner (as seen in image nine below), there is the letter F denoting 'Front'. A rear flip-up cover is also available.

Fitting the Flip-up front cover

The flip-up cover comes with a small manual sheet describing how to fit the cover to the Acro.

The images below illustrate the fitting of the flip-up cover to the front of the sight. In image one the vertical grooves at the front and rear can clearly be seen into which the flip-up covers (front and rear) are attached via. Image two shows the flip-up cover partially attached. Image three shows the flip-up cover fully fitted and in place securely. The fourth image shows the flip--up cover when fitted with the forward flip-up lens open.


Fitting the Acro C-2 to a weapons system

The Acro C-2 is simple to install onto any weapons platform using the low or high profile mount. Once installed, it's advisable to check the sight is seated and fitted securely, and whilst tight is not over tightened. Correctly fitted the sight feels rock solid and when walking or running with the sight fitted, it does not move at all.

In the images below, the C-2 has been fitted to a Tokyo Marui HK416D using the low mount.

Using the low mount reduces the overall height profile of the rifle and the sight can still be used in conjunction with the rear A.R.M.S.® #40 Flip up Sight when it's in the stowed position.

In the images below, the C-2 has been fitted to a Tokyo Marui HK416D using the high mount.

The high mount as seen raises the sight ensuring that the rear A.R.M.S.® #40 Flip up Sight does not affect the sight picture if the flip up sight is engaged.