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Updated: Jan 20

HAHO (High Aspirations High Octane) focuses on real steel military kit, kit and equipment for real steel operators and airsoft enthusiasts alike, featuring reviews of kit and equipment as well as, games, sites and much more.

I've created this blog, after much deliberation, having seen the success of a friends SEAL Team related blog alongside their continued success publishing other kit reviews, airsoft blogs and looking at several others who've launched successful blogs. I thought I'd too step into the breach and give it a shot.

The main inspiration for me has been SEAL Team which blasted onto our screens in 2017. This series took us to the front line in the war on terror not just in the Middle East, but Africa, South America, the Philippines etc. The kit used on the show has been inspired by, recommended by and used by US Special Forces and provides us the viewer, a small insight into the kit and equipment that DEVGRU is currently using. Having knowledge and a passion around all things real steel and the high end repro market I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with others, those new to kit and those who actively use it in their day jobs.

The blog as I say was inspired by my friend at ATRG. Watching SEAL Team I immediately went to them asking them to help identify kit and it certainly started my passion to getting my own kit as close to, if not exactly the same as that portrayed in the show. Go check out the blogs on the ATRG pages, he's written a ton of them!

I'm hoping that with these blogs over the coming weeks, months, years, they will resonate with some people, answer some kit questions and inspire those who haven't yet, to write blogs and use their experience to help others. Whilst we start from SEAL Team origins, I'm hoping to cover a wide variety of topics, gear, units etc to make this as useful to others as I can.

I am going to be publishing a blog on a weekly basis highlighting new kit and equipment and reviewing it to provide you with an honest opinion about whether it's a must have or a must not.

So as I always begin my blogs, grab a beer or aged whiskey, put the wallet on the table, kick back and enjoy.

H A H O - High Aspirations High Octane

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